"Daeilpat was established on April 12, 1997 by Patent & Trademark Attorney Mr. Lee, Jongil who was examiner at Korea Industrial Property Office(KIPO). We keeps sufficient patent professionals acknowledged of their respective technologies in several fields to meet applicants' requirements both local and overseas."

We believe that your cherished inventions and brands, product of long investment and endeavor will bring you lots of benefits in this globalized era. With the advent of WTO in 1995 the world has been nudging the limitless competition without borders.

In particular, Korea economic system is that while it lacks natural resources and wide domestic markets, its human resources and export capacity are very enormous.

So, it always has needs of importing any high technologies from abroad. In foreigners' perspective, Korea is a very important market in terms of intellectual properties including patents, etc.

With the knowledge-based society fast approaching, the role of intellectual property rights(IPR) is becoming more important in the intensive global marketplace. Because the effective protection system for intellectual creation is a very crucial element in attracting investment in high-technology industries and facilitating business activities by protecting from unfair competition, the Korean government has given priority to streamlining the IPR protection system.

Come to Korea with your valuable inventions and let us have access to them.

We, DAEILPAT, are always ready to help avail yourself of your cherished inventions here in Korea. We hope that KIPO's web site would be useful for foreign investors who wish to invest and to get their intellectual creation protected in Korea.

DAEILPAT, we’ve scaled up the organization to give the best service to more global clients, and we’ve invited the patent attorney who was an examiner and a trial examiner, and is an adept in patent, so that we’re ready to give the best service to our future clients.

Jongil Lee, President
Daeil Int'l Patent & Trademark Law Firm.